Scope of Services and Treatment Philosophy

Our main goal is to relieve our patients of pain(if any) and infection, with the ultimate aim of saving their teeth so it can be useful and functionally again. To this end, we adopt a “no compromise” approach in terms of equipment, dental resources and even cutting-edge technology in order to help our patients maintain their natural dentition. This includes the use of a Surgical Operating Microscope (SOM), negative pressure irrigation, digital radiography, the use of ultrasonics and rotary instrumentation. Our treatment schedule includes but not exclusive to:

We believe that the care we provide plays an essential and integral part in our patient’s dental health. We can only accomplish this by being part of a team headed by your general dentist (GP) or restorative dentist, and supported by dental specialists when called upon. As such, we will refer you back to your referring dentist for the necessary restorative follow up at the completion of your endodontic treatment.

Our patient’s dental and physical health is our foremost priorities, followed by their comfort and convenience. If you are feeling unwell or ill because of non dental causes, simply call us to rearrange your appointment to another mutually convenient time, seek medical treatment and take the necessary measures to rest and recover.

We are also Medisave and CHAS accredited clinic.  Please show your NRIC and Health Assist/Pioneer Generation card during registration for CHAS subsidies.