在此(Novel Covid-19)期间,我们的诊所照常营业。但是,我们也严格遵守卫生部提供的预防措施/指南。作为控制的一部分,Paragon Medical也将控制进入购物中心的购物者数量。请注意通往1号大楼(E厅或F厅)的通行情况,并带有指示牌,以指导您前往我们的诊所。



Welcome to Advent Endodontics Inc Website

We look forward to sharing with you our practice, treatment care philosophy, and how we intend to provide the best possible endodontic management (or root canal treatment) for your needs. We believe not only in providing a treatment experience that leverages on the latest advances in endodontic techniques and materials, but also by doing so in the gentlest and most relaxing way possible. We aim to make your time in our office as pleasant and comfortable as possible. “Advent” describes not only a liturgical season in the church year, but also the “coming, or approach of an important arrival”. That would be you, and every patient that walks into our practice who seeks new life and relief for their troubled teeth.

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Vision and Goal Our main goal is to relieve our patients of pain (if any) and infection, with the ultimate aim of saving their teeth so it can be useful and functional again. To this end, we adopt a “ no compromise” approach in terms of equipment, dental resources and even cutting-edge technology in order to help our patients maintain their natural dentition. More Details …